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1. Who is Planet Energy?

Planet Energy is a natural gas and electricity provider. Founded in 2006, Planet Energy operates in multiple markets throughout North America.

2. How can you guarantee my fixed-rate or stability plan price won't change?

Planet Energy purchases your energy supply in advance. That way, we can guarantee a fixed rate during the term of your agreement.

3. Will I be switching utilities?

You will NOT be switching utilities. Your utility will continue to provide you with the same services you've received in the past, including billing.

4. What happens if I move before my term ends?

You must notify Planet Energy of your new address. If you move to a location which can be serviced by Planet Energy, your contract may be moved to your new location.

5. Can I cancel the program if I don't like it?

Yes, however there may be early termination charges depending on the circumstances and timing of your cancellation request. Each market and various Planet Energy products have different cancellation rights. For specific information, please contact Planet Energy's customer service department.

6. What is the Global Adjustment?

The Global Adjustment is specific to only the Province of Ontario. It is a charge by the government of Ontario, and is charged to ALL electricity consumers in Ontario. Planet Energy is not responsible for the Global Adjustment, does not know what the Global Adjustment will be at any time, does not bill the Global Adjustment, collect the Global Adjustment or receive any payment or benefit from the Global Adjustment.

7. Can I switch to a different program?

In most cases, you are permitted to switch to a different program with Planet Energy. Call our Customer Service Department for information on your account options.

8. Are there administration fees?

Yes, Planet Energy has administration fees which cover the costs assessed to Planet Energy by the utilities, government, regulatory bodies and applicable Provincial system costs associated with the applicable commodity.

9. Is it complicated to switch to Planet Energy?

NO! It is very easy to switch to Planet Energy. We offer various ways to enroll and make it as easy as possible.

10. What do I need to enroll with Planet Energy?

All you will need is your utility account information - which is listed on your utility bill or on your online account with your utility (if they offer that service).

11. How does time-of-use pricing work?

You pay different rates at different times of the day. The most expensive times are generally the times where you are most likely to be using your electricity. With Planet Energy, YOU WILL NOT PAY TIME-OF-USE PRICING! Use your electricity whenever you want, and don't get punished for using your power at peak times!

12. Where does Planet Energy get its supply from?

Planet Energy has agreements in place with some of the world's largest energy supply companies. We buy in bulk, directly from the source.

13. Is Planet Energy regulated by the Government?

Yes. Planet Energy holds licenses in all markets it operates in. All licences are issued by the applicable governing body of each Province.